How to use telegram voice chats feature(2021) | Telegram new update | Best guide

Telegram voice chats: Telegram recently introduced its voice chat feature, in which you can conduct live voice chat sessions with subscribers of the channel. This update has also come when Twitter Spaces has also been gaining a lot of weight.

This new feature of Telegram will enable the channel’s administrators to talk to their subscribers for an unlimited time. As Admin you can also create an invitation link for your live session and share it.

In the new update, you as well as users will also be allowed to record voice chats, cancel, and edit forward messages.

What is Telegram voice chat?

As you also know from its name, this group is going to have audio chatting where you can talk to your group members at a conference like video meetings on Zoom or Google Meet. Earlier this telegram voice chats feature was only in Telegram groups but now it can also be in big channels where there are millions of people.

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According to Telegram’s blog, public group or private group admins will be able to host a voice chat, in which you can listen to millions of subscribers to your channel. If you are new you can also use it like public radio.

During the telegram voice chats, the administrator will have full control over them, so that they can decide who to add and remove from that chat. If you want to call someone from outside the channel, you can invite them through a custom link. This is the latest and interesting feature of Telegram, you must try it.’

How to enable the telegram voice chats option?

How to use this feature? Before this question, you should know how someone will enable this feature? We have shown some steps below that will enable the Telegram audio chat feature.

  • First and foremost, you should update your telegram application.
  • Open that specific group or channel in which you will host a voice chat.
  • Now, tap on the channel name.
  • Click on the three-dot, on the upper-right side.
  • You will see the first option, start voice chat. Just click on that.
  • Now, click on start to finally start the voice chat.

How to use telegram voice chats feature

Once you press the start button, the voice chat will be hosted and all your subscribers will also get the notification. As people continue to join, you will start to show their names there.

telegram voice chats

When you start Telegram Voice Chats, then by default you will only be able to listen to the conversion. You will see your name just below that and from that, you will be able to set whether you want to listen or speak? If you want to call someone who is not in your group, then click on the Invite Members option and search for the member.

telegram voice chats

In the photo, an option will be seen in quadrilateral shape with a dot called a floating widget. When you click on this icon, the floating widget will be enabled. By enabling this, you mainly give permission to Telegram so that displays over other apps.

If you want to do this, then you can do it in the advanced settings.

telegram voice chats

The option of the floating widget will allow you to control everything. Clicking on this icon will open a new window in front of you. The new window will show 3 options to leave, unmute, or mute.

telegram voice chats-3

On the right side of the voice chat overlay option, you will see a 3 dot icon on which you can decide that new participants can speak, mute. You will get the option of share the invite link and the option to end the session in the last has been given.

telegram voice chats-4

If for some reason there is a problem with just the overlay widget, then you can join or leave Telegram Voice Chats by swiping the notification.

Important features of telegram voice chats

  • Record voice chat -The voice chat feature will allow the channel administrator to record that live session and it will be stored in the section with the saved message as soon as the session is over. Administrators can share this recorded voice chat with their members who have missed the live session.
  • Speaker and Listener Links – To inform the channel about the voice chat that is going on, the admin of the channel can create an invite link so that anyone can click on it and join. The admin will also be able to decide from his link whether the link is for speakers or listeners. In this way, the administrator gets a lot of conveniences.
  • Join as a feature for public figures – If you want to include a big channel like yours in live voice chat with you, then you can also do the same. With the help of Join As feature celebrities, you can keep your personal account private and at the same time, you will be able to promote your channel along with other channels.
  • Cancel or edit a forwarded message – Now the user can edit or cancel the forwarding message so that you will be able to correct any wrong forwarded message.


Due to Telegram voice chats features, now many people will join it and WhatsApp has also announced that some new features are going to come in 2021. Hopefully, Telegram will soon make the status feature such a better one. Keep visiting our website from time to time for upcoming updates.





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