Skype noise cancellation feature launched | How to activate it

The famous video and audio calling application has introduced the Skype Noise Cancellation feature for AI with enabled desktops which will improve audio during video calling. The Skype company shared this information through one of its blogs, in which it said that this feature will work on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Skype also informed that this feature was developed by Microsoft, which Skype has purchased. Also told that soon, this feature will be developed for smartphones as well.

How to enable Skype noise cancellation feature.

Follow the following steps to enable the Skype noise cancellation feature:

  • To enable this feature, you will have to go to the settings of the Skype website on your desktop.

Skype noise cancelling feature

  • Now you will get the option of audio and video on the left side, click on it.

Skype noise cancelling feature

  • On scrolling down, you will get the option of noise cancellation (Make sure you are using the updated version).
  • Click on the arrow button next to the noise cancellation and select “High“.

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How does the Skype noise cancellation feature work?

Skype is based on noise-cancellation machine learning (ML), it will automatically identify the difference between voice and unpleasant noise, and this technique is commonly known as Artificial Intelligence. An agent dataset is used to design the ML model to work in the greater part of our Skype client experience situations.

In simple words, it examines your audio during a video call and then by filtering the noise from your audio with the help of deep neural networks technology, removes the noise on your speaker’s voice without any effect. This feature is completely different from the conventional noise cancellation feature as this technology also filters the voice like typing and food wrapping of your keyboard.

The company says it used up to 760 hours of clean speech data and 180 hours of noise data in its training module. The noise data that he included in his research model was more like typing, buzzing, and running water, etc.


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