How To Stop Spam Calls On Android: Here Are 4 Easy Methods!

How often has your sleep been disturbed by spam calls or telemarketers? Recent times have seen a surge in calls from unknown numbers. While some may be harmless advertisements, others could be annoying strangers or spammers. Nonetheless, all of these are irritating and we are in dire need of methods to stop spam calls.

Here, we have 4 effective methods to stop spam calls on your android device and help you focus on your life!

1. Block Callers Who Are Not In Your Contact List

This can be done through an app called Call Blocker. It allows only calls from the contacts on your phone. If a person whose contact hasn’t been saved in your phone calls you, it will be automatically blocked by the app.

The downside to this application and method is that you are at higher risk of missing out on important work or family calls, in case you haven’t saved your colleague’s or relatives’ numbers. Up next, we have a method that overlooks this drawback!

2. Block Each Spam Caller

It is known that spam calls tend to come from the same number repeatedly, in which case this method will come in handy. When you receive an unwanted call, block the number from your call log. Just long-press the spam number and use either the “Blacklist” option or the “Block” option to stop spam calls.

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However, spam callers have evolved beyond our techniques, now popping up with different numbers from time to time. In this case, manual blocking might not be very effective, but it surely does curb the instances of spam calls. Our next method provides a more holistic approach to spam calls, read on to find out!

3. Use A Third-Party App

There are several third-party apps available that can help you stop spam calls. Here, we bring to you our top recommendations. Feel free to try them out and let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

   i. Phone by Google

This highly reliable app warns you about suspicious callers. With its broad coverage of caller IDs, it tells you who is calling, and sometimes even the reason for the call. This is especially applicable to calls from businesses. With Phone by Google, you do not need to worry about being bothered by spam calls as they filter spammers without letting them meddle into your daily life.

If you are looking for a free and effective app that can help you stop spam calls, Phone by Google is what you need.

   ii. Truecaller

Truecaller also boasts a huge database of caller IDs, letting you see who is calling you or whose call you missed, even if you don’t have their number saved on your phone. Unwanted text messages and calls are blacklisted/blocked automatically, saving you time and effort. It is one of the most popular options among people to stop spam calls.

   iii. Hiya

Yet another reliable app, Hiya alerts you about spam calls and frauds, along with automatic spam call blocking. Hiya also lets you report a spam number or text, so that it can be of use to other users of the application. Like Truecaller, Hiya also gives you information on who is calling.

4. Use The Do Not Disturb Mode

For a good night’s rest, they do not disturb mode (or DND) is a great choice. To avoid waking up to an advertisement or spam, you can set your phone to the Do Not Disturb mode. This blocks all calls and notifications for a particular time duration, which you can decide. While it is highly effective, it does cut you off in case someone tries to contact you for help during this interval.

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For years we have been tormented by fraudsters and spam callers, but with these tips, not anymore! Make sure to try and let us know if they helped you stop spam calls!

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