16 SEO Hacks, How to rank a new website on Google

Today in this article we will learn about How to rank a new website on Google. or to be easily ranked on any other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Duc Duc Go, etc.

Nowadays, Blogging has become a trend. everybody wants to do blogging. because many more people are making blogging such a career, some people are using blogging as a business and it is right for everyone And everybody wants to earn by blogging.

which is a good thing and some people have just started a new blog or if you are thinking of starting a new blog website then you must have come to your mind How to rank at the top on Google. And how to rank a new domain on Google so we will talk about that how your written blog article can be ranked at the top on Google.

When we create a new website, then the biggest challenge is in front of us. How to Rank New Domain on Google? there can not be a specific answer to this question.

But yes there are some tips that if you use, then your blog will definitely get ranked on Google and you will also get good traffic, so if you are a new blogger, then you should read this article How Rank New Website on Google? and if there is any topic that you didn’t understand, then you must tell us in the Comment box.

How to rank a new website on Google

Now let’s talk about our today’s topic, how to rank a new website on Google?

As we said it has no specific answer to this question, How
to rank a new website on google?
that’s why I’m going to share with you
10 tips here that you can follow then definitely your blog website will get ranked on Google –

then let us know what are
the 10 tips that help you to rank your blog website on Google.

If you follow my strategy, then you can also get your blog website ranked on 1st page of Google. So let us know about the 10 Pro SEO tips that will help us to rank on google. without wasting our time let’s know about the 10 Pro SEO Tips that will help us to rank on google.

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1. Title of Blog Post

Try to write an attractive or catchy title for your blog post or article. It’s all depending on your title of the blog article or post, does visitors will come to your blog website or not. So from this,

you can see the title of different blogs or websites, You can also take the idea from them and implement it on your website or blog. For example, you can read this article to learn more about How to write SEO friendly blog title.

You have to create your article in such a way that it contains all the main keywords that you have, and you want to rank on the keywords, here are some modifiers in blog title like this: TopHow toTips & Tricks, FamousBest, Helpful, Complete Guide, Review, Checklist, and you can use year like this 2021 or 2022, and Beginners, etc,

Some Catchy and Attractive modifiers are above in this article that you must use before the Title, middle area of the title, and end of the title, use all top keywords in your blog post or articles. You have to write a very simple title. That could be easy to understand users and search engines also.

2. Content

Content is King, Try to write Quality Content on Your blog website. Quality Content is the one that can answer your every question correctly, Search Engines and Users both can understand easily that content as well. Good Content is what that people understand, like, share and talk about that on your blog.

3. Images and Infographics

Try to use images and infographics in your blog post or articles. If you want to rank your article on Google Search Engine or Others Search Engines. Then it’s very important to use a minimum of one image or thumbnail. Infographic is better than a normal image,

If you want to rank your article on Google Search Engine and Other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Duc Duc Go, etc.

4. Video or Visuals

Try to use a related video of that particular keyword if possible not recommended. But if you add visuals and video in your article then your audience will stay more time on your blog article. and bounce rate will decrease automatically then your blog post will easily rank on google.

If you have a YouTube channel then you can use your related video via embed features, If you don’t have a youtube channel then don’t worry about that. Just you can use other youtube videos on your blog post via the embed feature on the bottom area of your article.

Note: Don’t Upload other videos or visuals on your article. If you are using other videos or visuals directly upload on your blog post then you get copyright any time so please don’t upload other’s videos and visuals on your blog posts.

Otherwise, your blog website will be not ranked on google. The choice is yours what you will do or what you want.

5. Internal Linking and Outbound Linking

Try to do Internal Linking and Outbound Linking in your blog post or article. You have to do internal linking inside your article, You should add a link from your blog article to another article. While interlinking, It is most important to keep in mind that it should be only a Do-Follow link.

You can use the link of any of your 5 old articles and it must be done in your blog article. It will give benefit from both sides, it will be beneficial for you and your users will also be benefited from your other linking article.

6. Write 2000+ words

Try to write more than 2000+ words in an article or post. Because of how big your content (article or post) is and how much valuable information on the article. Google analyzes your article and relies on the key point of your article very much.

You must keep in your mind that you should add valuable information only to your article, It is not that you are adding any unwanted, inappropriate information that makes no sense to humans while reading.

So you should not do this, Even if your article is 1000 words, then it can still be rank on google if you provided real and valuable information in your article, it means to try to write valuable content that will still be ranking on google.

Or You have a piece of more knowledge about any topic and you can write very deep about that then you can write more than 2000+ words very easily. your blog article will definitely rank on google. if the content is valuable or real information in that.

Find the questions of interrogative sentences such as what, how, and why. and you can write a blog post or article by giving a straight answer and write as much corrective information as possible. Even if your post is under 1000 words or less, and the user can easily understand and get the right answer from your article then your blog post or article will be rank on Google Search and Others Search Engines,

7. SEO Friendly Permalink

Try to create SEO Friendly Permalink (URL) of your blog post or article. Whenever you publish an article and write an article on a particular topic, then what you have to do is that out of the keywords research that you have done related to your topic,

permalink should be the title of your blog article in that using the same 4 or 5 words of the title you can create SEO friendly permalink

Note:- You also have to keep in your mind that you should not use the Date or Year in your blog post permalink (URL).

To know more about SEO Friendly Permalink (URL) You should see this Permalink to Learn How SEO Friendly Permalink Should be. for example. [https://example.com/how-to-rank-a-new-website-on-google/]

8. Author Bio Box

Try to create an author bio box on the article, According to Google’s new algorithm, It is very important to have an author bio in every article or post.

That published on the blog website Because Google definitely checks who has written that particular blog article or post. Author bio box help article to rank on google search engine.

9. AMP, Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Dear friend, Your website should be fully mobile-friendly and Responsive. If any user gets access to your website on their PC/Laptop/ Tablet/Smartphone then your website user interface should be looking well and loading fast then definitely your blog website will rank on google search engine and other search engines.

It should not be that your website is visible on the computer same user interface visible on mobile as well. So you have to keep this thing in your mind both are should be properly working and showing well on Smartphones and PC/Laptop also.

Now a day’s most of the themes or templates are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Mobile Friendly or Responsive, Nevertheless, you will have to check your website again and again.

You can check your blog website AMP page by using Google’s AMP Validator Tool,

10. Website Speed

If you want your blog website ranked on google search engine and other search engines. So the page loading speed of your website is must be less than recommended (3 sec according to the Search Engine Journal website).

You can check your blog website page loading speed by using these Tools websites that are here GTmatrix, Pagespeed insight by Google, and  Pingdom Tool.

Some SEO Facts for How to Rank a new website on Google

11. Website Audit (Website Health Score)

If there are any kind of problems in your blog website, So they should solve you. This called website audit in technical language. The most important thing is that there should not be any kind of security issue, any unethical things on your blog website.

You can go to Ahrefs Webmaster Tool (Some features are free) and submit your website and check the complete health score and website audit of your blog website.

For Checking website audits and all can use SEMRush Tool (it is paid tool), or you can use Ubersugest Tool By Nail Patel (Some Features are free or paid) and MOZ Tool (It has a free trial and it is paid SEO tool) is also one of them who provide Complete SEO tool, and many more are available for free or paid SEO Checker Tools in the market but these are the most popular tools that are why we have shared about these tools website.

12. Breadcrumbs

Try to use Breadcrumbs in your blog website. The theme or template you use for blog/website,  and then there is by default breadcrumbs navigation in it. It is not on them,

Then you will have to manually add it to your blog website. For this, you can search on Google, How to use or fix Breadcrumbs, Also you can search on YouTube and watch videos on YouTube, How to Fix Breadcrumbs Issues in Blogger/WordPress.

13. Popular Domain Extension

The domain is one of the most important things before going to create a blog website. Try to choose a Popular domain extension, whenever you are going to buy a domain name for your blog website.

You should choose the Top Lable Domain such as .com domain extension only, If you do not get a .com domain, Then you can switch to .Net, .Info, .Co, .Org, .Edu, and Country label domain extensions, etc. But still, try to use the .com domain only.

Why .Com Domain Should Use

The algorithm of Google prefers that such domain extensions provide more value, meaning they are more visible on their search results. Value is given because 90% of the users consider only the website with .com domain extension as original and when people search anything on Google the results come to them.

Users of the website with .com them more. The rest of the website with .com Domain Extensions. So Google, therefore, provides more value to the website with the .com extension, There is no other reason for this.

14. Google Search Console

The URL of our article is first submitted in Google Search Console. so that Google’s Crawler can crawl and gets to know about our article and they can easily index our article in Google Search Engine. after indexing in google search console our submitted URL of the article will appear in google search engine.

15. Backlinks

You should create backlinks for the website and articles. Backlinks increase the authority of our domain, which is a very good thing for our site, for this, we should create backlinks! There are two types of backlinks!

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow backlinks are very good for our website. Do-Follow Backlinks will increase our domain authority and improve the page rankings. So try to create High Authority Do-Follow Backlinks. To know more about Do-Follow Backlinks read this article Do-Follow Backlink.

No-Follow Backlinks Can’t improve your website authority but they can drive traffic for your website. if No-Backlinks are from High Authority websites. Learn more about No-Follow Backlinks.

Note: Don’t Create Spammy and Bad Quality Backlinks otherwise your website can be penalized by search engines.

16. Domain Age

If you are thinking to rank any article on Google Search Engine Result Page (Google SERP), Then the age of your domain as well.  Old Domain is considered very ranking on Google Search Engine.

Suppose you started the website today and you want to rank your article today, then it is not possible to rank on Google Search Result.

So Your website domain should be a minimum of 1-year-old (It is the average time), Then you can get an article on Google Search Engines like other’s blog websites or articles.

Sometimes there are some niche domains or websites that could be rank on the page of Google even the domain is new. The most ranking depends on your niche website or domain.

It means that you should work tirelessly for years then your hard work will definitely rank on Google or other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and Duc Duc Go.


I hope you liked my article. In this article, we learned about how to rank a new website on Google Search Engine. If you have not understood any particular point, then feel free you can comment in the comment box we reply soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article





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