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You’re in danger here is How to check radiation in mobile | SAR Value 1.6 W/kg

How to check radiation in mobile: Most people are using a smartphone and mobile phone. so most of the users may be aware of SAR (radiation). But while purchasing a smartphone or mobile phone, hardly any user will check the SAR value of their smartphone or mobile phone.

But before buying a smartphone or mobile phone, you should buy a smartphone only after checking SAR (radiation) level, and after-sale service, and re-sale value. It is believed that users don’t know more about the SAR (radiation) level.

If you also don’t know more about SAR (radiation) level, Well through this article we are going to learn everything about SAR (radiation) value. and also will learn about How to check radiation in mobile.

What is SAR Value in mobile?

SAR value is the scale of a smartphone or mobile phone that measures the radio frequency of your device. This radio frequency has an adverse effect on your health. SAR radiofrequency has a limit that the human body can withstand. This limit has been set differently for the people of every country.

If we talk about SAR (radiation) value in our country. In India, SAR (radiation) value limit has been fixed at 1.6 W/Kg (watt per kilogram). If the SAR Value of your smartphone or mobile phone is more than recommended ( SAR 1.6 W/Kg). So it can be dangerous for you.

For checking the SAR Value of your Smartphone or mobile phone, you can follow the steps that are given below.

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What is SAR Full Form?

The SAR Full Form is Specific Absorption Rate. SAR value is the radiation level for measuring the radiofrequency radiation in a smartphone or mobile phone.

How dangerous is mobile radiation?

The USA’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set the SAR level. The SAR level of any smartphone or mobile phone device should not be exceeded 1.6 W/Kg.  If the SAR (radiation) of the smartphone of mobile phone is high or more than recommended, then it can cause diseases.

It has also been claimed many times that high radiation of the smartphone or mobile phone can cause cancer, although nothing like this has been approved yet. You can still be secure by checking your smartphone or mobile phone’s SAR value.

What will happen if the SAR value is more than 1.6 W/Kg.

Excess of the smartphone or mobile radiation can be a risk of cancer,

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How much SAR value is good for human health?

SAR (radiation) value is less than 1.6 W/Kg. If the SAR value is more than (1.6 W/Kg) then it can be a danger for human health.

How to can check SAR value in mobile

we can check our mobile radiation in many ways such as via checking on the box or user manual, Dial a USSD Code number on a Dial pad mobile, searching on google, and the official website of the mobile manufacturer. Let’s learn every step in turn.

1st way: How to phone radiation?

You will find the SAR value written above the box of the smartphone or mobile phone. Many manufactures also provide SAR values in the user manual. You can see SAR value on there. But as much as written, Does your smartphone device have the same SAR value? To check the SAR value, you can find out through the easy steps given below.

2nd way: How to check radiation in mobile?

In this method, you will have to Dial a USSD Code from your smartphone or mobile phone. For checking SAR value in mobile or smartphones, first of all, you have to keep turn on your smartphone or mobile phone device.

Then you will have to go to Dialer and Dial this (*#07#) USSD Code, then press the calling button. After this, You get all information on your screen about the SAR value of your smartphone or mobile phone.

If you have any doubt then now you can match the on-screen SAR value with the on box or user manual SAR value. If the SAR value is correct and less than the specified value, then you don’t need to panic about it. Let’s clear one more time How to check the radiation level on phone.

Steps: How to check radiation in mobile

  • Open your Smartphone or mobile phone.
  • Go to Dial Pad
  • Dial *#07# and press the call button or enter.

  • SAR value is on your screen.

3rd way: How to check SAR value on Company’s website

You can see the SAR value by visiting the official website of the company whose smartphone or mobile device. you are using, entering that model number on the website you can see the SAR value of your smartphone or mobile phone device.

Safety precautions to reduce the harm caused by radiation

Dear friends, even if your SAR value is below 1.6 W/Kg, Nevertheless you should follow and take safety precautions for reducing the radiation harm to the human body. you reduce the harm caused by radiation

e.g. Use wired headphones or earphones for listing to music or talking over the phone. don’t or reduce the use of Bluetooth earphones as they also have radiation.


I hope you liked my article. in this article, we learned about how to check radiation in mobile. If you have not understood any particular point, then feel free you can comment in the comment box we reply soon as possible. Thanks for reading this article




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