Clubhouse App(2021) | The Next Biggest Social Media Platform| Coming soon for Android

Are you eager to know about the latest trending talks about Clubhouse? Elon Musk, the richest man in the globe, has recently popped up with a Clubhouse App (most probably in January). Clubhouse App is now one of the best online applications.

Here’s the full walkthrough about the service of the exclusive chat app Clubhouse.

To be brief, Clubhouse is an application installable on your phone that avails you to listen in on other people’s live conversations. No no, this isn’t at all creepy or cheap. Why? Because you will be able to listen to the live conversations of only those people who want to be heard.

You might expect these people to be famous or least knowledgeable. Anyways, this app will provide you the opportunity to join the chat.

You can call Clubhouse an “audio-chat social network”.

Now let’s have some details about the Clubhouse App!

What is Clubhouse App & why do we use this app?

The clubhouse is a newly established app that’s developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison with the assistance of ex-google employee Rohan Set.

Clubhouse app is an audio-chat-based application that is a mixture of talkback radio and conference call experience.

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Having been launched in 2021, Clubhouse has been recorded for the sudden spike in downloads. Elon Musk must have superbly profited with the development and launch of this app.

The clubhouse app is up with a feature that creates a place where people of different backgrounds can meet up to host, listen to, and even join conversations within the app’s community.

The home page of the app contains a list of rooms. The list also has a sub listing containing the details of who the persons are in each room.

Cloudhouse is an invite-only-based application. It is an audio-based iPhone app that resembles an online podcast episode. You can listen in on someone else’s phone call in a legal manner.

The clubhouse is a highly famous app as it provides people with a platform to meet up, host, listen and enjoy online live conversations.

It’s up to the user to join an existing chat room or host his/her room, thereby inviting new people and begin fresh conversations.

Cloudhouse app has moderators, speakers, and listeners in each separate room. Furthermore, listeners can raise their hand to speak or actively participate in the conversation which is controlled by the moderators.

How to use the clubhouse to get an invite?

To get an invitation to Clubhouse or join the live conversations, users have to download the application.

The existing Clubhouse user then will have to send an invite from their app. This will give you access to set up an account.

Once you are invited, you will be able to view a link sent to you onto your registered mobile number.

The link will thoroughly direct you to a sign-up page in the Cloudhouse app.

Users must remember that if he or she is an existing Clubhouse user, then he/she will get only two invites initially. Thus, it is to make a note that you can’t at any cost create spam in the app with as many people as you want.

However, Clubhouse has recently announced that it might exit the beta stage in the current year and give access to the app to the entire world.

NOTE: Clubhouse Application users are not eligible to just send an invitation to anyone and everyone who wishes to join the online conversations.

Why is the Cloudhouse app so famous in China?

The invite-only social networking app, Cloudhouse, has been very popular and famous in China. People or say politically-minded population in China is the main reason for the Application being famous.

They use this app for uncensored, border-line discussions and the addition of tactics on political and human rights subjects.

Clubhouse app has been reported in China to have stored all the audio data of its user audio data for safety investigations.

The audio data has been stored in the US servers with the partnership of China. Thus, this adds-on to the popularity of the Cloudhouse app in China.

However, it is being reported that Clubhouse App is blocked in China. The Chinese government has taken this step as this audio-based platform tended to attract millions of Chinese users.

The Chinese users used this app for uncensored and cross-border discussions on political and human rights subjects.

When clubhouse app will available for Android Users?

The new social media application clubhouse gained a lot of popularity and attention among iPhone users. Seeing the trend in people, clubhouse app CEO Paul Division has announced that this app will also be available for Android users by May 2021.

Mopewa Ogundipe, the developer of Clubhouse Android App, said via Twitter, “We have been working on this project for a long time and now it can come by May of this year.”

Why is the clubhouse app the next big social media platform?

Take note of my words: Tik Tok and another app will soon be forgotten by people because the audio-based app Cloudhouse is on!

Cloudhouse offers the platform to transform the latest communication system and allows sharing knowledge with increased new friends count.

People are excited about Clubhouse because of the accessibility feature which includes online chatting with celebrities and influencers.

People over Cloudhouse get free knowledge and experience from famous personalities with zero expectation or monetization.

Today’s timing and circumstances demand live interaction and proper networking events. Furthermore, Cloudhouse allows dip in and out of different rooms to grab interesting facts via an online audiobook.

What is the Future of audio-based Application Clubhouse?

More than 12000 Indians have been reported to download the app. Sensor Tower has reported a successful future of the Cloudhouse app.

The most important factor contributing to the bright future of Cloudhouse is it allows group hosting with a series of rooms, where entrepreneurs can share their business journey, experiences, and avail knowledge from others as well.

Thus, you can see Cloudhouse as one of the best apps for business, knowledgeable and motivational purposes.

Frequently asked questions on Clubhouse :

1. Is the Clubhouse app safe to use?

The clubhouse app is secure when the user listens to only one room audio at a time.

Logging into multiple rooms at the same time might lead to some issues.

2. Is the clubhouse app available on Android?

Not yet, but the company CEO announced that It wills available for Android in May 2021. As it gains more popularity and acknowledgment, makers are definitely launching it. As for now, it is available for Apple users and available on Apple App Store.

3. What’s the best way to use the app Cloudhouse?

You as a user should focus on bringing in as many moderators as possible to create a larger room.

You can raise your hand to speak or ask any questions. The moderators will let you in.

To leave the room, you can click on ‘peacing out’.

4. Can a user remove followers in the clubhouse?

Yes, you can remove followers. Because you will be able to join in the inviting room of Clubhouse through your phone number. And your phone number is attached to your account and can’t be removed anytime according to your wish.


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