Where is Android 11 Update? 10 Crazy changed in android 11 | Android 11 update download

Changed in android 11: Yes, Android 11 is here. Google officially released Android 11 on 8 September 2020 and Pixel’s phones got an update at the same time. OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme also joined with Google’s OS in the same year and updated this new OS in many of their devices.

Where is Android 11 Update?

Google has already released the developer preview of Android 11 but the thing is that the update of the new OS has not yet been seen in many phones. Even today, such phones are being released, in which out of the box Android 10 is being seen.

Who is the responsible for Android update?

In this case, we cannot blame the mobile company alone, Google as well as the chip makers are also responsible for this. Google makes an Android and gives it to the company and those companies adopt it and forward the update accordingly.

Do you know whats the problem is? Google has full control and they do not use this world of android well. Any company that adopts Android has no restriction that it has to use the latest Android or push update of the latest android.

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The special thing is also that the Android that Google makes is not stable itself, that is, the stock Android that you see also has a lot of bugs. If any company makes a phone with that stock Android, then it has to fix all the bugs first.

Solution for Android Updates

The company that is making the phone i.e. Google and the Soc Maker (chip), all will have to work together. When Google makes Android, make it in such a way that satisfies the current chip-set of Qualcomm and MediaTek. This will mean that the OS will become quite compatible with the chip and they will have to work at least for the update to be delivered.

What are the 10 Crazy changed in android 11?

Let’s talk about crazy changes in Android 11, Android has also become a mature OS, so all the little things that were missing at the moment are being thrived, nothing major changes have been made.

Here, are the 10 crazy changed in Android 11:

1. One-time Permission

People have become very serious about privacy and in such a way, Android 11 is giving you such a feature that you can give permission to any particular application for one time, and later that permission will be revoked itself.

2. Notification History

Sometimes our phone gets a lot of notifications at one time and we clean it together and it also removes the important notifications, so in Android 11 you will get the last 24-hour notification history so that you can see it later.

3. Voice Controller

The next crazy change in Android 11 is the voice controller. Although this feature is already in Android, the feature has been greatly upgraded.

4. Aeroplane Mode Update

If you are listening to songs by connecting to Bluetooth and you have to turn on Aeroplane mode at that time, then your Bluetooth will not stop and your songs will continue to play. This is also a small changed in Android 11.

5. More options with the power button

Previously when you long pressed the power button, it showed restart, power off, and Aeroplane mode options, but now with the new OS, you will get even more options such as instant payment options, smart home controls, and emergency buttons.

6. Chat Bubbles

Previously, we used to get chat bubbles with just the Messenger application only. For example, when someone’s message came, it used to come as a bubble on one side of the screen, from where you clicked to see his message or reply.

Now in Android 11, you will get a chat bubble feature with every messaging app, so that you will be chatting on a lot of applications simultaneously, which is going to be very convenient for you.

7. Screen Recording with Voice

As we all know, earlier Android also had the feature of screen recording but in that, you could not record your voice without any third-party app. It has been upgraded to Android 11, so now it is fed with a native recording feature.

8. Pin your favorite application for sharing

You can pin your favorite app for sharing purposes, so when you share content, you will not have to search below, you will be shown the same pinned app.

9. DND option is upgraded. You can tune in very finely

10. A lot of new emojis are in the new OS.

How to get the Android 11 update on your Android phone?

If you have a Google Pixel Series 2, Xiaomi phone Mi 10, OnePlus 8, or any other recently released Android phone, you should get an Android 10 update. It is expected that the new update will be pushed soon to the rest of the devices.

Here, is the steps to download the Android 11 update on your phone:

  • First, backup your all data.
  • Now open your phone’s settings.
  • Select System> Advanced> System Update.
  • Check for updates and start downloading Android 11.

Bottom Line:

Let me tell you that there are no major changes in Android 11, so there is no need to hurry for it. Your phone will also get this update soon and if not, it is still right. We discussed where is Android 11 update, what are the 10 Crazy changed in android 11, and how to get the Android 11 update on your Android phone? I hope all these things are very clear to you.



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