What are google web stories? Best way to derive tons of traffic organically in 2021.

Google recently launched this new format called Web Stories to deliver content on mobile devices in the form of entertainment.

Do you want to drive tons of traffic by Google Web stories? If yes then this is the right place to know-how. Let’s begin with the proper explanation of Google Web Stories.

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are owned by Google. Powered by AMP technology, these web stories are self-host websites. You will get immersive and full-screen experiences over these web stories.

The Google Web stories avail its users with the ability to post the respective stories on his/her site. This additive feature makes Google Web Stories different from other story platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Furthermore, over these stories, you can add related links, calls to action, and Google Ads.

The most mesmerizing feature of Google Web Stories is it uses individual story panels with good quality videos, audios, and graphics thereby allowing you to share brand narratives. In this way, users can click through the brand ads to experience the story they want to convey.

Google Web Stories are viewable on Google search, google images, and Google Discover Application on iOS devices and other Android devices.

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Users of Google Web Stories content are availed with full advantage of leveraging SEO opportunities. Thus, overall, users can make the most income out of this immersive storytelling option.

How to Create SEO-friendly Google Web Story?

To have a clear image of one’s brand name is the basic step in the creation of Google Web Story. You must also have a well know of what stories you should be telling your audience.

Imposing the power of Google web stories is the best way to engage unique traffic for caring about your brand and your content’s information.

Storyboarding your web story is also helpful in the creation of unique Google Web Stories.

You must sketch out your rough plan and decide the number of panels you will need. Also, make a rough decision on the visuals or videos that need to be added to each panel. Furthermore, do remember your CTA or ads promo.

Time to start the creation of your Google Web Stories:

If you can afford a coding engineer for your Google Web Stories, it will be more comfortable to gain an AMP framework. Because heavy codes are often used in the creation of Google Web Stories.

Steps to create Google web stories for WordPress

Step 1. Search for the google web stories plugin on WordPress and install it.

Step 2. Go to setting, upload your website logo and Google Analytics tracking Id there.

Step 3. Now click on “create new stories” and start creating your web stories after selecting a template.

Step 4: Select a background color and write text on it.

Step 5: Add image or video.

Step 6: You will get some additional options there for customization.

Step 7: Preview it and make it publish.

How to Access the Google web stories on your Smartphone?

To view or access Google web stories, your phone should have a Google application, which is the default in all Android users’ phones.

  • Open the Google app on your phone.
  • On the bottom of your screen, you can see options like Discover, Updates, Search, Recent, and More.
  • Click on the Discover tab.
  • Scroll down a bit and you can see stories there.

How to drive tons of traffic using Google web stories?

Google Web Stories automatically shows its appearance on the self mini-pages within WordPress. Thus, the users don’t have to embed the stories or send them traffic on their own.

A regular blog post or web story tends to grab more monetization than the addition of ads.

The goal to bring in thousands of new visitors to Google Web Stories counts in the following short guide list :

Create Web Stories For Top Posts First

You must make Google think that you’re an expert on a particular topic or a particular Web Story about the topic.

Creating Web Stories for the top post is a tried and tested strategy that acts as an alternative to an ad for your content.

With the help of this point, you will be likely to rank well on the particular Web Story with the added benefit of a NEW spot for Google to show off your expertise.

Try to ignore Embedding Web Stories in Posts

Google might recommend you, website developers, to embed the Web Story in their posts, but featuring the embed will slow down your page.

You should try to create the web stories in the way which makes the most logical sense for both user experience and ad monetization. Embedding the preview of any web story within the content will serve zero traffic purpose.

Link to Your Web Stories

Google usually recommends linking the web stories to your homepage or relevant category pages. And this idea is a great idea provided you have static homepages or category pages. Static-based homepage avails easy to add unique content.

To provide you with an easy link from relevant sources, you can go with the post in which you’re telling a story.

Linking to web stories from posts you are writing them about will surely be a help for Google to find them anywhere. Linking also eliminates the disadvantages of embedding.

Name Your Google Web Stories

As a website creator, you must remember to avoid creating duplicate page titles. So, do name the Google web stories.

Try to pick a name that’s sensible for the target keyword. Make sure the name is enticing for the website visitor as they will see your title in discovery.

How Google web stories WordPress plugin work?

Google Web Stories

There are various ways to create Web Stories for your WordPress website.

Firstly, you need to install the official plugin. You can download it from the plugin’s WordPress page, or hunt for it and install it from the website’s backend.

Once you have installed the official plugin, you can find the Stories option in the Dashboard menu. This option will support the navigation to the Stories dashboard with a proper list of all of your stories.

Furthermore, you can also create a new story with the Dashboard menu.

The Editor Settings in the WordPress plugin enables users to add a Google Analytics Tracking ID, their website’s logo, or a data sharing facility.

At this stage, you can easily choose the outlook of creating your first Web Story. The Dashboard provides you with easy access to the templates and its edition required.

You can tap on the “Use Template” button which appears once you hover over a template and start exploring the designs.

Tips to make money with Google web stories?

Follow the given step-by-step guide to make money with Google web stories:

1) Keep the web stories Mobile navigable. A huge population does a web search on phones. So it’s safe to assume that the future of all online web stories is the particular needs of the average mobile user.

Web Stories load quicker on mobile and tablet thus ensuring an uninterrupted experience for such users.

2) Modernising a user’s experience with your web story can grab a lot of traffic and monetary benefits. Do not just add an AMP-ready plug-in to your blog and keep quiet. Try to add the latest content format in web stories to your website.

3) Use PWAs sites as these sites showcase quick loading and responding which make them ideal Web Story platforms.

4) Modify your website into a compatible platform for Google web Stories. Target the mobile users and expand your readership for a great financial benefit.

5) Guest Post your Google web stories on the Visual Stories network as a guest author. This method will automatically expand your readership and fulfill the need for zero investment content marketing tools. Visual Stories are highly effective to draw your new readers back to your blog website and add high ad revenues.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) About Google Web Stories

1. Is Google Web Stories just for WordPress?

No, it not just for WordPress users. Google enables web stories for every platform so you can also make web stories using tools like News Room AI and MakeStories. You can also build web stories using custom functionality with developer docs.

2. Can I use copyright content for Google web stories?

No, you can not use copyright contents in the form of text, image, video, or audio. Copyright is a crime for google and it violates google policies so always try to keep your stories unique.

3. Is SEO is important for Google Web stories.

Yes, Google web stories are also a part of search engines so making search engine optimized web stories is very important. An SEO-optimized story reaches the maximum audience. Click here to see the best practice method of google web stories.



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