How to enable reddit dark mode? Best Guide (2021)

We are currently living in 2021 and companies are bringing dark mode features to every application and operating system. Reddit dark mode feature also came long ago, but people do not know about its features. In the Reddit application, the dark mode itself is called night mode. There will be very few people in India who will also have information about the Reddit application. So today in this article we will know what is Reddit and how can we enable dark mode in it?

What is Reddit? Must know before Reddit dark mode.

Reddit is a social news website. On this platform, any person can register, post any content photo, images, or text, and other users can upvote or downvote it. same as in Facebook, upvote happens in Reddit.

This up-vote and down-vote ensure that your personal post will not be seen there. The community and subreddit culture are on this platform. Just like you can create a different subreddit for different topics, basically, it is a theme or board that discusses the same topic.

Let me tell you, Reddit is also called the front page of the Internet or web because you can get all kinds of information on this platform.

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60% of Reddit content is such that a student can include it in his course. Reddit also has an interesting fact that it is a social media platform where porn is also allowed.

When we started talking about Reddit, what is Reddit before Reddit Dark Mode? This is equally important for you to know.

Why we need Reddit dark mode option?

We are talking about Reddit Dark Mode, so you should know what its importance is. The Dark Mode feature is not a very old concept, Twitter also brought its desktop Dark Mode feature in 2017 and the same year YouTube also launched for Android and iOS. The same WhatsApp was a little behind in this feature.

As you may also know that after a lot of scientific research, it has been concluded that the blue light emanating from the screen of a mobile or laptop is harmful to the human eye. With this blue light, you are prone to sleeplessness and many other dangerous diseases.

Let me tell you, no such thing has been paced by a scientist that the dark mode does not harm your eye at all. But it has definitely been proved that if you use dark mode before sleeping in the darkroom, then there will be no problem in your sleep.

If you also use Reddit, use the Reddit Dark Mode feature. This prevents your phone’s battery from draining too quickly. Due to all these advantages and dental look, now dark mode has become a favorite feature of all smartphone users.

How to enable Reddit dark mode in mobile?

If you use Reddit’s application, then follow the steps given below to enable the Dark Mode feature. The steps are the same for both Android and iOS users.

Step 1: On the left side, you will see your avatar. First, click on it

reddit dark mode
Reddit dark mode

reddit dark mode

Step 2: Now scroll down below where you will have written night mode with the icon of the moon.reddit dark mode

reddit dark mode
Reddit dark mode

Step 3: Just enable that slider and your Reddit application will turn black.

reddit dark mode
Reddit dark mode

reddit dark mode

Just by following these 3 simple steps, you will be able to enjoy Reddit Dark Mode. As soon as you enable dark mode, your entire Reddit application will turn black and it will remain black until you disable it.

How to enable dark mode on the Reddit website?

If you use Reddit on your laptop, do not worry, you can use Reddit Dark Mode on its website as well. To do this, we have shown some steps below.

Step 1: Just as you have to click on the avatar in mobile, similarly click on the avatar in the top right corner on the website as well.

Step 2: After a little down, you will get the option of ‘night mode‘ inside the ‘view option‘.

Step 3: Now, slide the slider to enable Reddit dark mode on the website.


We have learned in this article what is Reddit and what is the significance of using it? Reddit dark mode is good for your styling as well as your health. This is a great feature that you can turn dark mode on or off with just one click. You must definitely enjoy this feature of Reddit.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Reddit dark mode does not harm your eyes?

People believe that dark mode does not harm our eyes, but the scientist has not proved any such fact. Therefore, you should not have any such false beliefs and use the phone as per the requirement.

2. Does dark mode really save battery?

Yes, this thing is true to some extent. When the dark mode is not turned on in your phone, then it uses slightly more battery to emit white light. If you also work all day with your smartphone, then make sure that you keep dark mode on your phone only. This thing increases the life of your mobile.


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