How can I make my New Facebook Page SEO Friendly 2021?

Today, Facebook is a social media platform covering more than 160 million business pages. This huge count of business pages has showcased a continuous challenge to stand out and attract new followers, gain likes, and enhance shares.

If you are eager to know how to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly , you need to know the latest Facebook updates. You must also know your audience and their interests.

Furthermore, working on the latest updates of Facebook and having continuous social listening are two ways to make SEO insights available on your Facebook page.

Once your Facebook page is visible on search engines apart from the platform itself generates a lot for SEO-friendly pages.

This post provides the top 10 detailed tips on how to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly as quickly as possible. Follow the tips and tricks to gain SEO.

What is Facebook SEO?

Before jumping on the tips, you must know what Facebook SEO is.

Facebook SEO is a method used to expand your page reach and attract a target audience for your website. Facebook SEO examines the information provided by you and sees whether it’s useful, valuable, and interesting, for your target audience. If it’s useful, Facebook SEO shares and promotes your content.

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Furthermore, Facebook SEO helps you develop high-quality backlinks. An increment in the authority of your domain depends on Facebook SEO. With SEO, you can help your Facebook website or page to be on Google’s first page via certain specific keywords.

How to make a Facebook page SEO-friendly?

1) Choose the best name for your Facebook page :

The basic step for how to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly demands the choice of the best name.

Try to be an average generic while choosing Facebook’s page name. The first word on your Facebook page i.e. title is the name given importance by Google and other search engines.

Make sure your pages are accurate enough to represent real businesses, brands, or personalities you want to showcase to the world. Once you are genius in this ability your Facebook post and its updates will reach out to new fans.

Once you have chosen a page title, try not to change it frequently. As in a long-term choice enhances Facebook page for search engine optimization.

With the best Facebook name and long-term choice, you let your page occupy a permanent place in your consumers’ minds.

2) Claim Your Vanity URL to Enhance Facebook SEO :

After you gain 25 Likes on your Facebook page, Facebook gives you the ability to create a unique URL. URL means unique usernames for the Facebook page. URL is heavily dependent on search engines and thus your Facebook page URL plays a vital role in reflecting an aspect of your business.

Facebook offers users a variety of username options. You can go through them before selecting one for your page. Research shows that visitors remember meaningful URL words easily. So, turn your web address into the link your page visitors will keep in mind. This method makes it easy to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly.

3) Sprinkle Your Page With Keywords :

Keywords are the basic elements of your Facebook page SEO optimization. Try to use the Keywords in the right place. It is advisable not to practice keyword stuffing in about, description, headline, note, and photo sections.

You can always use keyword search tools to find the most effective keywords for your Facebook page. Avoid using long-tail keywords as such keywords won’t bring you too much traffic. Once you choose a proper keyword, double-check the keyword to have a good on-site SEO.

4) Include Address to gain Local SEO :

The growth rate that local SEO offers is well known by every Facebook user. Using SEO on a national level is gaining competitiveness every single day.

Local searchers or consumers are prone to be dependent on their smartphones and tablets for any online searches.

For boosting your online visibility, you have to make sure that you adopt the right strategy. Adding address and phone number to your Facebook page enriches SEO optimization.

According to online surveys, address, city, and country-code will help Facebook index your brand on local SEO. Furthermore, including an address on your page will give you the chance of using more keywords.

5) Add Direct Links to Your Website on Your Facebook Page :

The power of social media acts as a booster to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly. Thus, backlinks/direct links are another crucial element of your Facebook Page SEO optimization.

You can use an influencer marketing platform for research and connection with influencers. These influencers would then offer you guest posting opportunities thereby including the links to your Facebook content in their blog posts.

It is one of the best methods to gain both the popularity and credibility of your Facebook page. By incorporating direct links to your Facebook page, you can generate higher-quality traffic, as your Facebook page will subtly promote every time a relevant source shares your blog post.

6) Optimize Facebook page status updates :

Keep in mind, the first 18 characters of a Facebook post are considered as the meta description. So, whenever you post updates to your Facebook wall, don’t skip the option “write something…”, promoted by Facebook itself. For SEO, this text will be helpful because Facebook tends to consider it as the SEO title for any update.

Furthermore, you can also add direct links to your website in your Facebook updates’ “write something” column.

7) SEO for Facebook Notes :

Facebook Notes serve as the best way to inform and even create engagement with your fans. Any important news or piece of information about your business can be updated in the form of notes. This would help in customers/visitors/traffic attraction.

Google searches and indexes the Notes coming directly from Facebook pages.

Facebook Notes offers you the opportunity to include keywords rich text which can indirectly increase your page’s ranking for Google. It will also help you to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly.

Add keywords in the title as well as all over the Note. There’s also an option of adding photos to the Note, which gives you further chances to add keywords in the caption.

The best tip to increase the visibility of the Note is to tag other Facebook friends. Ask your followers and friends to post a comment on the Note. This will boost up follower engagement, thereby enhancing SEO optimization.

8) Pay Attention To Your About Tab :

Every new visitor to your Facebook page will go through the “About tab”. So, it’s wise to polish and add all the relevant information about your company/website/business into your About Tab.

The About tab is the basic factor for a Facebook page owner that helps visitors to decide if or not they will be your permanent fans or just passers-by.

About Tab doesn’t offer a huge number of characters’ accommodation to explain how amazing your business is, but the limit i.e 155 characters are enough to summarize your business ideas accurately. Try to add “how” and “why” your Facebook page and its prospects benefit your visitors.

9) Add Custom Tabs :

Adding custom tabs other than generic Facebook tabs like About, Videos, or Events is always a helping hand for SEO optimization. Once you begin customization of your page with content, the number of tab options automatically grows.

To grab visitors’ attention, create new custom tabs such as videos, photos, reviews, community, and podcasts, etc.

These tabs will result in an easy navigable Facebook Page. It will offer your audience quick and relevant information through the Facebook page.

10) Use AI Facebook Messenger Chatbots :

Better communication with your audience on a more personal level serves as the tonic to SEO optimization. You can do this by using AI Facebook Messenger chatbots.

Chatbots are designed to boost online business and improve customer experiences.

It does so by enhancing customer engagement rates, cutting off agent workload, and automating the CX process.

Use AI Chatbots for providing users with first-hand information as well as for product or brand promotion.

Chatbots will help customers have good reviews about your brand on social media, thereby boosting up the chance to be displayed on search engines to visit your website later. Use AI Chatbots and you will be availed with increased organic visibility and traffic to your Facebook page.

What is the potential for Facebook SEO?

Facebook SEO mainly works for bringing your brand and content increased visibility. Talking about the potential of making your new Facebook page SEO friendly, it drives more traffic to your online website or company.

The goal is to attract relevant users who will for sure support your content, links, visit the site, and share your content. Facebook SEO is directly proportional to Product or brand visibility.


If you were interested to know how to rank your Facebook page on Google and other search engines, we hope this article helped you with the correct answer.

Increasing organic visibility of your Facebook content is not so tough a task, just follow these 10 tips and you are successful.

We encourage you to make your new Facebook page SEO friendly.

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