Indian Battleground Mobiles Will Not Be Banned | There May Be A Release Soon

There has been a spur in the news about the next fighting game “Battlegrounds Mobile India.” An MLA, Ninond Ering, from Arunachal Pradesh, allegedly addresses a detailed letter of request to our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narender Modi.

The letter surmised that the Indian Battleground Mobiles game is not what it looks like. Despite the overall excitement of the PUBG lovers, we still have to be cautious about this game.

We all are too speculating about the recent news on the same.

The Highlights Of The MLA Letter On Indian Battleground Mobiles:

  • Do not trust the entry or re-registration of this game by Krafton.
  • This is just a sham to enter the Indian economy and rule the gaming sector again.
  • Krafton might be involved with TENCENT, a Chinese firm.
  • The data stored in the game’s server might be made available to the Chinese Republic nation or any other country illegally.
  • Strict regulations and explanations to be demanded from Krafton before its full-fledged launch.
  • If possible, it should be banned for the greater food. – MLA, Arunachal Pradesh.

As per the letter, Ninond Ering states, “Battlegrounds Mobile India is just a rename of the older version, PUBG, which was earlier banned by the Indian government for the violation of multiple rules and regulations, one including the privacy of the data.”

Indian Battleground Mobiles latest news

If we go by this information, we are still unsure about Indian Battleground Mobiles’ relaunch.

Ninong Ering calls Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India nothing but a mere deception to enter the Indian gaming market, famous worldwide for its continuous consumption.

As per the facts, Krafton, the owner or parent company of this battleground game, alleged to be the revamped version of PUBG, has invested in another company: Nodwin.

What strikes as a shocking fact is that TENCENT, a Chinese company, has also invested in the same company. Therefore, there can be a strong link between these three companies to somehow foray into the Indian gaming sector, bypassing Indian online gaming and security laws.

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“The company might just be wanting to deceive young Indian gamers and children into broadcasting the server data to foreign countries. We cannot allow it. We have to take strict actions before it’s too late.” This is the simplest explained version of what MLA Ninong Ering wants to convey to our Prime Minister Narender Modi.

As viewers and gamers, we know nothing except how dubiously Krafton plans to enter the market. MLA’s statement should be paid attention to for the safety of the data of our gamers.

It’s also seen that earlier, Krafton was using the term “PUBG” in its URL while registering the India Battleground Mobiles game. This simple action raises suspicion itself. We never know what’s going in their mind to take such a controversial step while registering their war and fight game for the already quite vulnerable Indian gamer market.

Though, popular game and tech reviewers also comment that this action must have been taken to optimise the URL. As per the off-page SEO of the “PUBG” word, SERPs of the new game, Battlegrounds Mobile India, is likely to shoot up.

Abhishek Sangvi’s Take On The Launch Of Revamped PUBG:

Indian Battleground Mobiles news

Abhishek Sangvi, an INC politician and active Rajya Sabha member. He comments and tweets something similar.

He thinks and explains that there is no other fan of PUBG than the Indian government itself by allowing the launch of India Battleground Mobiles. “There’s a 15.5 percent stake of the Chinese company in Krafton.” His tweet states.

He further explains that the Indian government first bans the game, and then amidst the pandemic and crumbling health infrastructure, it’s going against its own order.

Why is that so?

Many politicians are raising these questions on the registration of Indian Battleground Mobile, which looks so similar to PUBG.

There are some minor changes in the game, like the name change, redesigning the fighters’ clothing and their weapon.

Involvement Of CFIUS To Take Active Action In The US:

The United States Committee on Foreign Investment, CFIUS, has already given the warning signal to US companies involved with Chinese firms like TENCENT. These companies will have to tighten their protocols to keep the server data more private and secure.

In fact, CFIUS is currently in discussion with various American gaming companies to disinvest their funds from TENCENT.

Pre-Registration Of The India Battleground Mobiles Game:

Despite the heat from the MLA letter and Abhishek Sangni dismissing the game’s launch, Krafton doesn’t seem to back down.

On May 18, it opened pre-registration to the gamers in India. This is a clear indication of the sooner than later launch of the game.

Also, readers must know that gaming companies don’t need a green flag from the Indian government to launch their gaming apps in India.

However, it’s justified that the MHA or Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Electronics and IT can put a stringent and permanent ban on these apps.

But that only happens when the game releases/launches on the platforms: Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Our Verdict:

India Battleground Mobiles has already gained momentum with the promotion of its pre-registration option in the app. Thousands of gamers, if not lakhs, downloaded the app already.

This surge is unignorable. We know war, crime, and fighting games are here to stay.

Stay tuned and updated on our Tech/Gaming blog to see what’s going to happen next. The final answer to its release or ban might surprise us all.

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