How to make a new Instagram page SEO-friendly? Best Instagram SEO Tips 2021

Instagram page SEO: In 2020, Instagram has One hundred three million active users and this number will increase in the future for sure. Also, Instagram is the future of E-Commerce and other businesses.

The growth of an Instagram page totally depends on its audience reach and engagement. Now the question may come to your mind that how to increase reach and engagement?

The answer to this question is very simple, Just make your Instagram page SEO-friendly.

You may think that SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is only for Google and other search engines, but this is your myth. optimized things always bring positive results.

Here we will talk about Instagram SEO that co-relates with Instagram Algorithm and understand how we can make our Instagram page SEO optimized.

What is Instagram Page SEO?

Before jump into detail, we should know what is Instagram page SEO exactly?

Instagram SEO is a method or process by which you can organize or optimize your Instagram page to gain more traffic organically by arranging keywords and other kinds of stuff.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Instagram is the only free method by which you can grow your new Instagram page organically, rapidly and gain more followers.

How to make a new Instagram page SEO-friendly?

Here, are the 8 Best Instagram SEO tips in 2021:

1. Username Must be related to Niche

Most beginners make this type of mistake. For example, if you have started an Instagram page for digital marketing then, the niche should be clear with your username. Also, the username must be short, recognizable, and searchable.

Instagram Page SEO

If your username is relevant to the niche, then the username acts like a keyword. When people search for digital marketers, it shows your profile at the top of the search bar.

You are surprised to know that Google does not index your photos or videos but it index your profile in google search result. So, the username is a very basic perspective for Instagram SEO.

Try to avoid underscore, a hyphen, dot, and another symbol in the username. People generally search directly. So, it is a good practice for SEO.

2. Use the main keyword in the Bio

The first paragraph of your Instagram Bio must contain the main keyword. The keyword/niche on which your Instagram profile has to rank in google search results.

Your Instagram username must contain both primary and secondary keywords. As you can see in the above image, “Digital” is my primary keyword, and “Tech” is my secondary keyword. So, you can derive traffic with both keywords.

keywords are one of the most powerful aspects of SEO because it tells the search engine about your niche. So, try to use your keywords 3 or 4 times in the bio. Do not overuse keywords because they may look spammy.

3. Profile Picture Must be Attractive

In Instagram, the profile picture is the only stuff by which you can attract the audiences organically. When people search for any niche/keyword/username, then profile picture is the first impression about your brand.

Ensure your profile picture is fully optimized and summarise your Instagram page to the audiences. This is also a good perspective to bit your competitors.

As we all know, branding is a key for every business whether it is a digital marketer or local marketers. So, an attractive profile picture will definitely help you in branding and beneficial for Instagram page SEO for sure.

4. Treat Hashtags as Keywords

Use your primary and secondary keywords as a hashtag in every photo or reel you put on your Instagram page. Also, use related and trending hashtags. Sometimes, the Long-tail keyword is searched by users, So, you should you this.

Always use relevant hashtags, do not spam with this social-media giant. If you do so, they will ignore your page and never show in search results.

Try to merge your caption with your keywords. It is also a good Instagram Page SEO practice.

5. ALT Text

Instagram page SEO ALT text

I am Damm sure that the majority of Instagram users does not aware of the ALT text feature. So, We are here to help you out.

Alt Text is a new feature added with Instagram. It gives you permission to describe your photos with additional text. This is how Instagram came to know about your Image or content easily.

6. Analyze Your Keyword

Analyzing the keyword is one of the most important of search engine optimization (SEO).

It is very important to know which keywords are being ranked on your profile so that you can analyze and audit them according to that keyword.

There are many analyzing tools for Instagram. If you have an established business on Instagram then you should use tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial.

Like I want to rank on the keyword “Digital” but I am ranking on another keyword. So, I will audit my Instagram page with that other keyword.

7. Avoid Unethical Techniques

There are many unethical techniques are available in the market that increases your followers in just one day or a week. Instagram strongly avoid these types of activity and mark it as spam.

Here are some common unethical techniques are Buying fake followers, fake likes, using an automation tool, and follow too many accounts in one go.

We also suggest avoiding all these spammy activities because it makes your impression worst in the eye of Instagram and they will never rank your page/ account in Instagram search results.

8. Be active with your contents

Your presence with the contents is also a crucial factor because this factor has responsible for building trust in the eye of Instagram. If they trust you then automatically you will rank in Instagram search result.

Do not do such a thing that you put a lot of posts in one day and became completely inactive on the second day. This is exactly the opposite of the Instagram page SEO.

You should put the feeds daily, an IGTV video in the week, Instagram stories 3 to 4 in a day, and most important Instagram reels must be 4 to 5 in a Week. Instagram reels have the maximum reach nowadays.

How to optimize posts for better Instagram SEO?

First, make sure that your profile is a business account. Business account get lots of additional tools as compare to the personal account and these tools will help you optimize your posts.

  • Insights – Inside the insights, we can see what time our followers are online, where they are located, age demographics, a ton of stuff. We take this information to figure out when we should be posting our content.
  • Use CanvaCanva is a graphic design platform. You can use this platform to make attractive and optimized feeds for your Instagram Page.
  • Unique Content – Whatever you are posting on your Instagram page, must be yours and unique. If you copy or steal other’s content then you will penalize by Instagram.
  • Human Content – If you are showing products or services on Instagram, then it is very important to have human content in it. Whether it is your hand or face. It enhances your Engagement too.
  • Add Caption – Describe your product or service in very few words. It must be attractive and well-edited.

These are the 5 basic SEO practices for Instagram posts, you should keep these things for optimizing your Instagram Posts.

What is the potential for Instagram SEO?

Logically, there is no term like Instagram SEO, it is only for Search Engines like Google and Bing. But, Here Instagram SEO means optimizing your page according to Instagram and users too. Somehow, it works for sure.

If you are starting a business page/account on Instagram then, Instagram SEO has great potential because it is all about ranking and generating leads.

If you optimize your Instagram page properly then, it has higher chances of getting lots of followers and engagement in the beginning phase.

FAQ (Instagram Page SEO)

1. How is Instagram SEO different from other SEOs?

Generally, We do SEO for search engines but here we talk about social media giant Instagram. Ofcourse instagram SEO is different from other SEOs because social media has different algorithm and Instagram is all about contents like photos and videos so its otimization is also different.

2. Does Instagram Profile/Page Rank in Google Search Results?

Yes, if your Inatagram page/profile is fully optimized according to search engines then, it surely rank in Google, Bing, and other search engine. Only your profile will rank in search results, contents like image or videos are not.

3. Does Instagram SEO also help increase followers?

Definetly yes, If you account is well-optimized then it will rank in Instagram as well as search engines. So, people visit and if they found your content useful then they must follow your Instagram account for further Update.

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