Facebook Exposed!! Shocked to know truth of the Biggest Outage

Facebook Exposed: On October 4, 2021, you saw and noticed the biggest outage of Facebook so far. Giving its argument, Facebook has said that they were changing the configuration of the router, due to which this outage happened. Will a giant company like Facebook suffer 6 hours of outage just because of router configuration? Is it digestible?

Social Media Giant “Facebook” Exposed By Frances Hogan

This outage just after Facebook’s exposure doesn’t necessarily point to a technical glitch. Employer Frances Hogan, who worked in Facebook, is a data scientist and she slammed Facebook saying that Facebook’s algorithm is so bad that it thinks just to earn money. She totally exposed facebook.

facebook exposed

She had also added in her statement that the running algorithm of Facebook is such that it encourages things like riots, violence, political party support, promotion of political agenda, election manipulation, and people-to-people fights. Facebook pushes such content, seeing which people disagree and people start fighting among themselves.

From fighting between people to all these unethical things, the direct impact of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is on the earnings. It does not think about common people and society, its purpose is just to earn money.

Why do psychologists, data scientists, and psychiatrists work on Facebook?

Only a few engineers are needed to maintain Facebook’s machinery, development, and servers, then why does Facebook hire such employers as psychologists, data scientists, and psychotherapists? This is a big question from which only one can conclude that they are playing with the minds of the people. They want you to get addicted to it.

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Facebook is an addiction and is such a bad disease that it even depresses people.

According to a survey in 2021, we all spend about 51% of our daily time on social media and if such poison is served on social media then it will naturally have a bad effect on both our personal and professional life.

How does the Instagram Algorithm depressed teenager?

Facebook’s ex-employer Frances Hogan also told that Instagram has such algorithms and features that depress little girls. That innocent little girl feels dissatisfied with her body after watching that content and wants to get the body shape like the same Instagram Influencers.

All this messy stuff keeps these kids away from real and normal life, and when their wishes are not fulfilled, they feel depressed and it brings the whole family in trouble with them.

All these things may sound funny to you but this is the reality of social media.

Can Facebook be banned in the US?

The US government keeps asking questions to Mark Zuckerberg about these things every day. Trust us, after this incident, there is going to be a big storm. It would be 100% correct to say that if these unethical practices are not stopped then Facebook may be banned in the coming time.

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Mark Zuckerberg himself may not have done these things, but he allows these things to happen under himself. It may also be that after the Facebook exposure, Facebook was shut down to erase the evidence.

Being so many things together cannot be a coincidence. So these were all the things related to Facebook Exposure. Stay with us for upcoming updates.

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