How to find the nearest Covid-19 Vaccination Centre in India?

It’s the second wave of COVID-19, and India has recorded an unprecedented rise in the Covid positive cases. Thus, it’s highly important to get inoculated indoors and get the shots of Covid-19 vaccines. Are you looking for ways to find the nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre in India?

If yes then glance at the detailed steps in this article on how to find the nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre in India. India began its first vaccination drive in January that was given to all health workers. Now, it’s the second vaccination drive.

The Indian government had already approved the inoculation of every citizen who lives at 60 and above in age. Also, the vaccines are available in the second drive for people over age 45 provided he/she is comorbidities.

In the third phase of the vaccination drive, the government approved shots for all common citizens at the age rate of 45 and. The COVID-19 vaccine is administered in two shots where the second shot is given after a gap of three to four weeks (28-30 days) from the first shot.

Taking the COVID-19 vaccine in private hospitals will cost an individual the fixed-rate i.e. Rs 250 whereas the government hospitals administer the Covid-19 vaccine for free. Currently, two vaccines are approved in India, they are Covaxin and Covishield.

So, if you are wondering where you can get the shot of any one of the two vaccines either for yourself or your parents or loved ones here is the complete guide. Just follow the steps on how you can find the nearest Covid19 vaccination centre in India.

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To find the nearest vaccination center in India, you must visit the Cowin portal or the MapMyIndia online sites.

Steps to find the nearest Covid-19 vaccination centre:

Step 1– Visit the official website of Cowin at Go to the homepage of these websites and search the ‘Find your nearest vaccination center’ section.

Step 2– All India maps will appear in front of you. You will have to scroll into your region and locate the vaccination center easily. You can make this step easier by selecting the ‘Current location’ option from the tab located next to the e-map and just tap ‘Go’. You can even enter your PIN code for an easy location.

Step 3– Once you are done with step 2, you will get a list of the name of hospitals and vaccination centers. You will also get the address of the vaccination center.

Step 4– You will also see the ‘Get Direction’ option in front of you. Just click on it to open up the directions on how to get to the location on the MapmyIndia portal.

Step 5– As an alternative, you are free to head on towards the MapMyIndia web portal or install the MapmyIndia Move App.

Step 6 – You will be asked to register yourself on the official website and after logging in click on ‘Current location in the search box. You can even fill in your address or name of the place you live in or eLoc of interest i.e a 6-character digital address for any place all over India.

Step 7– Now, click on the ‘Vaccination Centres’ option located at the left menu bar.

Step 8- Tap on ‘Get directions to receive the accurate directions and on-time navigation to the vaccine center near your location.

With these 7 easy steps, you can easily find the nearest Covid-19 vaccination centres in India.

The tech giant Google has set up an announcement that shortly, it will roll out the possibility of locating COVID-19 vaccination centers via Google Maps.

How to search for Covid-19 vaccination centres via Google Maps?

If you are looking for ways to find the nearest COVID-19 vaccination center in India all you need to do is visit Google Maps and find the center by a single search.

Begin by searching for COVID-19 vaccination centers. Google Maps will automatically show all vaccination centers near you on the map. Google Maps also show the viewer whether or not the center is open.

Steps to follow for locating center near your home on Google Maps:

Step 1 Open Google Maps on your desktop browser or open the app on your Android device.

Step 2  Type Covid 19 vaccination center and the complete list of results will appear on the screen in front of you.

Step 3 Mark the surety that location access is turned on for Google Maps. As off location access is incapable to show the centers close to your current location.

The Google Map will show results for the hospitals or clinics listed as the nearest COVID19 vaccination centres in India. Google Map will also come with some other information such as it will show whether a beforehand appointment is required at the center, or it is limited to certain patients only.

The Google Map has a search query that the citizens should check with the center or register in advance. Individuals who are looking for the nearest vaccination centres in India are advised to keep government IDs ready for the registration criteria.

The Google Map Result comes with information that the vaccine is available to citizens above 45 years of age or not.COVID-19 vaccination information on Google Maps highlights the point where it mentions whether or not the appointments are preferred at a vaccination center.


We have learned throughout the pandemic that no one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. Thus, getting a vaccination for ourselves and everyone around the world is a challenging, yet necessary, step to take.

Just follow the above-mentioned guidelines and easily find the nearest COVID-19 Vaccination Centre in India.

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