5 Best Home Automation Companies In India

We are all familiar with the sense of doubt that grips you after you leave your home and are midway through your journey. Sometimes it’s about whether you locked your house, other times, it may be about whether you turned off the oven/stove. This is where home automation companies come in with the latest technology.

Simply put, home automation allows you to control your household appliances and utilities remotely through your mobile phone or tablet. It enables a network of devices connected to Wi-Fi that can be managed using your smartphone wherever you are. There are sensors that can track changes in the amount of light or the temperature at your home, and even detect motion.

We shall provide a well-rounded insight into the pros and cons of home automation systems, which should help you make your mind on whether to get a smart home. If you do decide on getting a home automation system, we have our top recommendations for home automation companies in India!

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5 Best Home Automation Companies In India

There are several home automation companies in India that offer you the complete home automation package based on your requirements and specifications. Choosing the right company for you is a crucial decision that needs to be backed by extensive research. But worry not, for we have done the research for you, and come up with our top recommendations!

1.    Legrand

This is one of the top home automation companies by way of their service quality and their experience in the industry. Based in France, Legrand offers a wide range of home automation products in India that are used worldwide.

MyHome Arteor is one of the automation solutions provided by Legrand. It lets you control and manage your energy usage, doors (entries and exits), an internet connection, all with a single device. If you wish to control lighting or temperature, the Legrand Vantage might be more up your alley.

2.    BuildTrack

Based in Mumbai, Buildtrack is one of the best home automation companies in India, winning several accolades for their works in the industry. They provide wired, wireless, and hybrid home automation solutions that provide greater flexibility to us users.

The home automation solution by BuildTrack focuses on energy efficiency, the comfort of users, safety, and security. Their Smart App allows you to control ACs, curtains, switches, and media devices. It also allows you to monitor sensors that can detect any gas leakage or smoke. You can remotely lock your doors and get alerted in case of door intrusions. With the BuildTrack home automation system, you can control devices even through Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

3.    Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is known worldwide for its high-quality products and focuses on energy conservation. It has emerged as one of the top home automation companies in India through its extensive array of home automation and security products. They provide a range of building management solutions that can control lighting, HVAC, shutters, and security systems, among many others.

They offer package deals to customers based on the needs and requirements presented. You can also get your home automation products installed by engineers from Schneider Electric, gifting you a stress-free experience.

4.    Smartify

Smartify makes it to this list of top home automation companies because it aspires to give you the best in the market. Smartify doesn’t manufacture products, it sources the best products for your home automation project from any part of the world. Through their online store, you can see their vast offerings and purchase all your home automation products at a single point.

You can consult with their home automation professionals who can help you decide what fits your needs best. Once you order products from Smartify, they will help you install the equipment. You can also take free courses on home automation to better understand the systems in use.

So the next time you’re looking for an intelligent, energy-efficient system that will turn off your lights and ACs when you’re not home, Smartify is what you need.

5.    Crestron

Crestron is a famous veteran among home automation companies and is used at Mark Zuckerberg’s smart home. Although expensive, it comes with several benefits such as allowing you to integrate products of multiple brands within your smart home system. It also has provisions to allow the usage of simultaneous devices to control and has a user interface that can be customized to fit different devices.

They provide wireless lighting solutions, sensors, climate control systems, wireless communication systems, and several other hardware and interface solutions.

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Pros and Cons of Home Automation

There are two sides to every coin, which is why present the pros and cons of home automation that should solve your dilemma of whether to get a home automation system or not.

Pros Of Home Automation

  1. Greater convenience around the home.
  2. A home automation system helps you become energy-efficient. It allows you to program temperatures based on the time of the day. Some systems adapt according to your preferences. You can even set the lights to dim or turn off automatically at a particular time.
  3. Provides greater security through surveillance systems, smart locks, and sensors to detect unauthorized entries and fires.
  4. A home automation system can be highly useful to the elderly and the disabled, as it can be controlled through voice commands. This increases accessibility and ease of usage for all.
  5. It allows you to monitor your house remotely, giving you more access and control if something goes wrong.

Cons Of Home Automation

  1. Installing a home automation system is expensive, and the average cost ranges between 2 and 4 lakhs in India.
  2. Home automation systems are linked through the internet, which is dependent on electricity. This leaves your smart system unusable during a power outage unless you have a backup power source.
  3. System compatibility is a major cause of concern. Before jumping in and making a random selection from the home automation companies available, look for the systems that are best compatible with your device.
  4. While home automation systems provide you security, they are also susceptible to risks. The apps that you use to control your smart home could be hacked, giving the hackers complete access to your home. Using wireless networks amps up the risk as these are easier to intercept.

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Home automation systems are an upcoming trend in India, with a huge scope as people grow more inclined towards incorporating advanced technologies in their lives. With increased accessibility and convenience, they make life easier and are especially beneficial for the elderly and disabled. The flexibility of being able to control what goes on within your home from a remote location draws more and more people towards home automation systems.

Comment down below your experience with home automation systems, or why you wish to make your home, a smart home! Let us know your top recommendations of home automation companies!

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